EESystem Website Management

You want your EESystem website to be fast, reliable and secure.

At KJA Web Development, we understand how imperative it is for your website to be as safe as possible. We also realize how essential it is for every user to be able to have a smooth experience on your site, especially when making appointments, as this in turn leads to more bookings. But maintaining a website can be stressful, time-consuming & expensive.

Bearing all this in mind, we have created three different affordable services to ensure that your site is safe, dependable, and fast at all times.

These packages take the stress out of maintaining a website and help you focus on what is important: your EESystem and its services.

Our Packages

/ per month*
Site Security Guaranteed
Booking App configuration
Fast loading site
Regular backups
and more...
Maintenance & Support
/ per month*
Everything in the Essential Package plus...
On-hand support
Unlimited changes
UX & UI Optimization
Site Health Checks
and more...
Maintenance, Support & SEO
/ per month*
Everything in the standard package plus...
Google Rankings Boost
Premium SEO Service
Monthly traffic reports
Keyword optimization
And more...

*Save 10% When you Subscribe annually

What Our packages Include

Which Package is Best for Me?

If you wish to have your EESystem website maintained, kept secure, fast and fully operational, our Essential Package is be best for you. Also, if you have problems with your booking plug-in, we can assist you on this package.

However, if you want to make changes, or have your site tailored to your needs as well as ongoing support whenever you need it, we recommend our Standard Package.

To boost your website, make it clear on Google and increase the optimization of the usage of your EESystem in your community, we undoubtedly recommend our Premium Package.

This chart below is not exhaustive but should give a short explanation of the differences between the packages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We know that having a working booking plugin or app on your website it essential for EESystem to be used by as many as possible. We can guarantee that your booking plugin is fully functional, working in a way that pleases you. This and much more is included in our Standard – Maintenance & Support Package.

Security is a top priority for any website, but especially one that you use for your EESystem. We use the latest and safest security plug-ins to make sure that all aspects of your website are secure and as safe as possible from hackers and viruses.

Our Essential Package includes a Speed Audit, which show us how to improve how fast your site loads. We do this regularly to ensure that it is as fast as possible, all the time

Our Essential – Maintenance Package keeps your site secure, working and fast at all times. We thoroughly check your website regularly to ensure it’s working optimally, it is as safe from hackers as possible, it loads quickly and works properly, among other things.

Our Standard – Maintenance & Support Package has everything included above but more flexibility and assistance included. This package provides UX & UI optimization, on-going support, unlimited website changes and more. It’s like having your own IT department for your website.

It’s similar to a mechanics. Our Maintenance Package is like a service on your car. A mechanic checks everything is running well, perhaps fixing minor issues that arise but they wouldn’t make any repairs on your car or replace any parts.

Our Maintenance & Support Package is like having your very own mechanic; we’re on hand all the time, ready to make any changes or upgrades whenever you wish, whilst ensuring your website it running exactly how you want it to.

If you wish to have only have our Maintenance Package but want changes or repairs to your site, this is still possible at a discounted rate, as you are on one of our plans. Scope, cost and timeline of work would always be agreed beforehand.

No problem. Our reliable, high-speed hosting services are available upon request. Contact us for more information at

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. It basically means doing all you can to make sure you are at the top of Google search results when people search for things related to your business. For example, if someone searches for “EE Systems [your area]”, you want to be top of that list! SEO enables that to happen.

Use of keywords is a primary way in which SEO can be effective. But, what does that mean? Keywords (or search queries) are what Google use to see how useful your site it. More of them and you will rank higher, less and you will be lower. Our Premium SEO Package guarantees that your website is as optimized as possible, ranking as highly as it possibly can.

You want to be found by people who want your services – it’s really that simple. Where do most people go to find anything? Google. Effective SEO gives Google everything it needs to offer your website as a top result for relevant searches.

SEO. It’s similar to having full front-page advertisement in a newspaper. You can be seen, increasing meaningful traffic to your site, reaching both new clients and health-care professionals.

We want to funnel as many clicks as we can to your webpages, and optimising your site to establish that it is working at its best will attract a high ranking on Google. Included in our Premium SEO Package.

UI stands for ‘User Interface’. It means how your website interacts with a person using it. UX stands for ‘User Experience’. It’s what a person takes away from the experience of using your website. Making sure your UI & UX is as optimized as possible is essential for attracting more bookings for your EESystem. Our Standard – Maintenance & Support Package includes this service; making sure your website looks good, feels good and works well for you and everyone who visits your site.

We collect your monthly payment via ACH or Direct Debit.

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